Frosty Week

The weather has been pretty mild this fall. Unusually wet, but not cold…

…until this week. Our forecast called for freezing temperatures and snow mid-week. The prospect of snow always gets everyone in this household excited. So we woke up Wednesday with great expectations.

There was no snow yet, but frost was decorating the back yard.

Jody pointed out how festive the hydrangea on the deck looked with the frost on the edges of the petals so I took the opportunity to take some macro shots before the sun came around the house and melted the frost.

Below are some of my favorite pictures of the day.

These frosted petals make be think of sugar dipped Christmas cookies.

As I got in closer I could start to see the crystalline structure of the frost.

If you “right click” on this next picture and select “Open Image in New Tab” then click to expand you will be able to see the hexagonal tube structure of most of these frost crystals.

And not to be left out, even Zippy sported a bit of frost on the end of his beak while he was keeping close watch over his feeders from a small tree on our deck.

Cheers – DJD
Rain since last posting: 8.25 inches. 2016 year to date: 65 inches.

PS: Since Google has replaced Picasa Web Albums with Google Photos I’ve been having problems getting imbedded photo links to work reliably in my blog postings. If you find a broken link, would you please leave me a comment to that affect so I can address the problem.

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One Comment on “Frosty Week”

  1. taphian Says:

    that’s really very beautiful. I love hydrangeas and the bird is cute, too.

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