Beautiful Autumn Visitor

This Sharp Shinned hawk has been visiting our back yard lately. The telltale sign signaling his arrival is all the feeder birds scattering at once. We then know to look for him somewhere in a nearby tree.

He doesn’t usually stay very long. In fact, I’ve tried several times to get a picture of him but he usually takes off before I can get my camera ready.

This time was different.

Even though all the feeder birds were long gone, he sat in our tree and decided to preen his feathers. He didn’t seem to mind as I slowly walk out on our deck and got into position to take his picture without limbs and leaves in the way.

After I had gotten several good shots of him, he suddenly looked straight at me, mid-preen, as if to say “that’s enough of that!”.

Then, after a few more seconds, he was gone.

Cheers – DJD
Rain since last posting: 12 inches. 2016 year to date: 46.0 inches.

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