Baby Birdie Business

Spring is really here. The leaves are on the trees and the birds are busy making babies.

This past week we’ve have lot’s of fledglings visiting our back yard. At first they’re quite timid and spend a lot of time hiding in the shadows of the tree branches. Ultimately they’ll figure out how to navigate into the feeders, but until then I have a great opportunity to photograph them surrounded by dark foliage, like this first photo.

Here is a baby Pine Siskin considering it’s next move.

The parents are also nearby. Here’s a breading adult male American Goldfinch who was keeping an eye on the fledgelings.

And here is a picture of one of the two chickadee parents shown below cleaning out the nest to get ready for their next brood.

It’s a busy baby birdie time in our back yard. 🙂

Cheers – DJD
Rain since last posting: 1.75 inches. 2016 year to date: 34.0 inches.

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