Geese Gone, Goslings ?

[Note: This was meant to be posted in May but it just didn’t happen 😦 ]

During the first week of April I notice a couple of Geese hanging around the parking lot very close to where I park my car during the day. At first I thought they were lost. But they didn’t seem like they were interested in going anywhere else. In fact they acted like there were staking claim on their territory.

Then I noticed her sitting on a nest. I guess they really did stake their claim.

After that I would see her on the nest every morning when I came to work and when I got into my car to leave for home. Then on day I came to work and she was gone. but you could see an egg peeking through the down of the next. Did she abandon her egg?

Nope. She just had to take a break and get something to eat. She was back and gave me the “eye” when I got close to take another picture.

On day when I arrived, I found her standing over her nest and her eggs were uncovered. I counted a total of 6 eggs.

When she saw me she quickly started covering her eggs. I don’t know what she was worrying about. I already had breakfast 🙂

One day it was really hot and her nest was not in any shade. When I left for lunch that day I noticed that she had partially uncovered her egg and was standing over them, giving them shade. She was obviously very hot herself (her mouth was open and she was panting) but she was doing everything she could to keep her eggs from over heating.

I read that the typical gestation period was 28 days so on the 4th week I was looking for some goslings to appear. But to my surprise one morning, the nest was empty and no geese of goslings were anywhere to be seen.

I checked the empty nest, but I couldn’t find any evidence of broken eggs or anything. They were just gone.

Hopefully they were all down in Fanno Creek but I guess I’ll never know for sure.

Cheers – DJD
Rain since last posting: 7.0 in. 2014 year to date: 26.0 in.

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