Spring Moon

The weather continues to be very rainy and cold here in Portland. When you go outside it feels very Winter-like. But it is March and signs of Spring are all around.

A couple of weeks ago it was pretty clear with just a little bit of haze, and the rising full moon could be seen through one of the living room celestial windows. Thinking this was a cool wintery scene I took a few pictures. (I’ve got a lot to learn about taking night photographs, especially of the moon. The dynamic range of light in the scene is extreme and it’s very hard to capture what you see with your eyes in a photograph.)

But after I took a close look I realized this picture is not a winter scene at all since it includes a subtle clue of Spring. If you take a close look at the branches silhouetted against the moon, you can see the leaf buds coming out all over. This is a sure sign of Spring and by the next full moon this shot will not be possible because the leaves will completely block the view of the moon from this angle.

Cheers – DJD
Rain since last posting: 8.0 in. 2014 year to date: 19.0 in.

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