Back After a Christmas Break

“Hey Doug, where have you been? We’ve really missed seeing cute pictures of us on the Web. I even missed your attempts to chase us squirrels off the deck (I’ll admit I get a rush playing the game).”

“But it’s been really cold out here and a squirrel’s got to eat you know. So needless to say, we’ve missed you and Jody a lot”

“We birds are feeling a little abandoned as well. Please tell Jody that we’re running pretty low on premium sunflower seeds and we feel like you don’t care any more. Where have you been?”

Well, the truth is we have been busier than normal and quite distracted for the last couple of months. Because of changes at work that have added to my workload and a grandson who decided to come 2 months early, I really haven’t had much opportunity to take photographs in our backyard.

Add to the above an extended trip to Seattle plus the fact that Jody has been sick, and it’s no wonder the our backyard family is feeling neglected.

… But things are settling down now…

So hopefully I’ll be capturing some more special moments in our backyard.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t taken any pictures in the past month. It’s just that my priority and opportunities have shifted from nature photography to family portraits and as a general rule I don’t post personal family photos on this blog.

So to prove that I haven’t given up photography, here’s a picture I got the day after Christmas of our beautiful granddaughter.

Cheers – DJD
Rain since last posting: 3.0 in. 2014 year to date: 3.0 in.

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