Smart Car does NOT equal Smart Driver

We were in Seattle this weekend to take care of our beautiful granddaughter. And every time I’m is Seattle driving around the older narrow streets, I think to myself, “if I ever lived here I’d get a smaller car, something easier to maneuver and easier to park, like a Smart Car.”

So it’s no surprise that when a Smart Car pulled up in front of our house, it caught my eye. I watched with great interest as the driver carefully pulled into the spot behind my car, parked, got out, admired her parking job, and then walked off.

There was just one problem with her parking.

The space between my car the the next car was big enough to fit two regular cars (or at least three Smart Cars) but she parked right in the middle making it impossible any other car, except for another Smart Car, to park in the remaining space!

Now, I will cut this driver a little slack since I know she wasn’t the owner of the car. How do I know that? Because this wasn’t just a Smart Car, it was also part of the “Car2Go” program which is an interesting alternative to owning a car in the city.

Maybe the Car2Go company should consider giving their customers some driving lessons so they can be as smart as their cars.

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 1.5 in. 2013 year to date: 29.25 in.

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