More Than Just Birds

I’m sure it’s quite obvious to anyone who visits this blog that I like to photograph the birds in our backyard.

Because we have several bird feeders and birdbaths, birds are a nearly constant source of out-the-window entertainment. I find them interesting to observe as well as a challenge to photograph.

I’ve learned that to photograph birds you need a lot of patience. And to photograph little birds you need a long telephoto lens as well.

But birds aren’t the only flying critters in our backyard…

We have a lot of flowers on our deck that attract hummingbirds. And the same flowers that attract hummingbirds are also attractive to honeybees.

Photographing bees is very different than photographing birds. You can’t sit and wait for them to come into range. You have to go to where they are. The good news there is that, unlike birds, they tend to ignore you and let you get as close to them as you want. You also can’t use the same lens you use for shooting birds. To get a good close-up you need a macro lens. But that’s just the beginning.

Bees are constantly on the move, so you need to follow them around, keeping them in focus while trying to get a good angle. Having a camera with really good auto focus and a fast shutter helps a lot.

And even with all of that, it still took me at least several dozen shots to come up with a couple keepers like the one above.

Getting this flying critter’s photo also required my macro lens. But, unlike the bee, there was no need to chase this moth around. He was stationary for a long time, just clinging to the screen, outside looking in.

The challenge in taking this picture was only getting a stable platform for my camera so that I could properly focus on the moth and not the screen in front of him. That was easy to do by putting my camera on a tripod and using a delayed shutter setting so the camera wouldn’t be moving when the picture was taken.

A couple of shots, to make sure the exposure was correct, and I was done.

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 2.25 in. 2013 year to date: 20.25 in.

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One Comment on “More Than Just Birds”

  1. Great shots! Nicely done.

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