The Bird, Bombs, Bird Bombing, Photobombing, and a Bird Photo that Bombed

(Note from DJD: Since I haven’t posted for a while, I decided to give you your money’s worth this week)

The Bird…

A few weeks ago I stopped by a wetlands area near work because I saw a couple intently watching something through binoculars. When I approached to see what they were looking at, they pointed out a Bald Eagle feeding on some prey across the marsh.

Since I’d never photographed an eagle before, I rushed to my car to get my camera. Even though it only took a moment, by the time I got back, the eagle was already in the air, flying toward some trees on the other side of the wetlands.

I barely had time to take a couple shots before he disappeared into some trees. Of the two shots I got, this one was the best. And since the Bald Eagle is our national bird, he definitely qualifies as “The Bird”.


Not long after photographing the eagle in flight I was surprised to see six OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters flying in formation, following almost the same flight path as the eagle I had just seen.

Although the Kiowa Warrior doesn’t technically deliver any bombs, it can carry Hellfire and anti-tank missiles, Hydra 70 rockets, and a .50-caliber machine gun. So in my mind it qualifies under this category.

Bird Bombing…

After the helicopters had passed I notice a second eagle that was resting high in tree, quite a distance away. I watched for a while, using my camera as a spotting scope, hoping the eagle would decide to fly and give me another photo opportunity.

While I was watching, several crows began to harass him, trying to get him to move. So I started taking pictures not really knowing what I would get because they were so far away and moving really fast.

When I processed my photos later I found this one that I particularly like. The crow looks like a cross between a stealth bomber and a demon bird while the eagle, showing courage, is prepared to protect himself against any attack.


The Urban Dictionary defines Photobombing as:
“Intentionally posing in other people’s photos, for a later surprise.
Usually people making funny faces in the background, without the knowledge of the main subjects of the photo.”

Here, my granddaughter is being photobombed by her favorite dolly (with a little help from her dad). Because of the you-had-to-be-there context of this photo, I have to laugh every time I look at it.

Bird Photo that Bombed
This last item is a two photo sequence that’s meant to be a little photographer humor. Read the caption under each photo.

“The portrait as envisioned by the pigeon when he commissioned the work”

“The portrait as delivered by the hipster street photographer claiming to be a portrait artist.”

I thought the joke was funny, at least to photographers. But on the two photo sharing sites where I posted this sequence, I didn’t get a single response. Not one. So this surely qualify as photos that bombed. (If you get the joke please feel free to leave me a comment.)

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you feel like you got your moneys worth.

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 2.5 in. 2013 year to date: 16.5 in.

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