A Little Beach Break-In

Last week Jody and I took a little break and went to the beach for a couple of days. To be honest, the weather was not very nice. There was varying amounts of rain and wind the whole time we were there. But in spite of the weather, it was really nice to get away and we had a great time.

We knew that the weather was not going to be the best, so we came prepared this time. We brought a bottle of wine and some chocolates, picked up some cheese at the market and a loaf of Haystack Rock bread at the Cannon Beach Bakery.

It was all we needed for our very own Happy Hour as we watched the distant gulls on an otherwise nearly empty beach.

(Full frame shot @ 400mm of gulls about 350 yards away).

And even though the weather wasn’t conducive for strolling the beach and looking for photo ops, I did take advantage of the wide open terrain to check out the long distance capability of my new 100-400mm Telephoto Zoom since up till now, most of my experience with this lens has been in my back yard.

The above is a picture I took, at a focal length of 400mm, of a flock of gulls on the beach about 350 yards away from our covered deck. And below is a 100% crop out of the center of the that picture.

(100% crop @ 400mm of gulls about 350 yards away).

If you’re a digital photographer you know a 100% crop is pretty much a worse case test of a lens and most picture I take will never be enlarged this much, but I think these gulls still look pretty sharp for being 350 yards away.

So all in all, we had a really great Beach Break In(side). Plus, I got to take some of the beach back to the office with me as well.

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 1.75 in. 2013 year to date: 8.75 in.

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