It’s Cold Out There

“Hey Doug! Don’t you think it’s a little too cold out here to expect me to just stand still and pose for you?”

Yes, it’s cold. But how cold is it? …

It’s so cold that the rain guage is frozen solid. (It looks like about 1 inch don’t you think?)

“Yup, that’s frozen alright.”

It’s so cold that the bird baths are frozen over (except for the one with the heating coil in it).

It’s so cold that the humming bird feeders were slushy, (and Jody had to thaw them out).

I know it’s a lot colder in other parts of the country. And I’m not really complaining, because at least the sun is shining. But this is cold for Portland and it’s expected to stay freezing all weekend.

So I guess Zippy is right. I probably shouldn’t have expected any bird poses today.

It’s just too cold.

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 1.0 in. 2013 year to date: 2.0 in.

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