In Search of the Christmas Bears…

or “It all started with Just One”

Jody started Christmas decorating today in earnest and one of the tasks she faced was finding the Christmas Bears among the crowd of Starbucks Bearistea Bears that we now possess.

We didn’t always have so many of these bears. In fact, I’m always quite amazed to see them all together.

It all started ten years ago when I saw one at Starbucks and I knew I had to get it for Jody as a gift. It was a Valentine Bear that got me started, and after that I pretty much got her another one whenever there was a new bear available.

Over the years there’s been quite a few. We now have Valentine Bears, Easter Bears, Four-of-July Bears, Back to School Bears, Halloween Bears and lots of Christmas Bears. I’m not sure how many we have, and I didn’t take the time to count them today, but as you can we have a few.

This year we got a new bear to added to our collection.

He’s the Nutcracker Bearista Bear at the far right. We hadn’t really been looking for another bear, but coming home from our last trip up to Seattle we stopped for a snack at Starbucks and he called our name.

The bears all take their turns decorating various parts of our home during the appropriate season of the year. But then they spend the rest of the year shut away in the cabinet. Someday we’ll figure our a nice place to display them.

But until then, we’ll just enjoy rediscovering them in the crowd new again each year.

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 2.75 in. 2012 year to date: 59.5 in.

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