Bird Brain

Sunday afternoon we were sitting in the family room watching a little football, when I notice this young pigeon sitting on the bird feeder and staring at the family room window. The next thing I knew he was flying toward the window and then, thud, he smacked into the window.

If that had been you or me, we surely would have learned from our mistake and determined never to do that again.

But not this bird.

During the next 30 minutes he must have flown into the window at least 6 more times. Each time he seemed surprised and stunned that he couldn’t fly off the deck that way.

Following one of those collisions, as he paused for a “moment of reflection” on the railing, I took the portrait displayed here.

Maybe his behavior is the result of a concussion or maybe he is just a slow learner. But in contrast to all the other birds that visit our deck, this bird has earned the title “Bird Brain”.

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 2.75 in. 2012 year to date: 42.0 in.

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One Comment on “Bird Brain”

  1. Which illustrates that you can help birds by hanging shear curtains in your window, or placing a few discrete opaque silhouettes on the windows. Many birds die from smacking into windows each year.

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