A Workman’s Best Friend

As you know, from my previous post, we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. Everything is going well and we’re still on schedule (yea!).

As a result of being displaced from our normal living space, Jody has been spending a lot of time camped out in the upstairs guest bedroom. From her elevated perch she has a great view of everything that goes on in the street in front of our house.

For the remodel project, our contractor arranged for a Sani-Can to be set up in front of our house for use by his subs.

But, as it turns out, they are not the only ones using our “facility”.

One week after we started, our neighbor across the street had his roof replaced. On the first day of his project there were about a dozen workers on site. We noticed right away that they were all using our Sani-Can, just like they thought it was set up for them. And I can sort of understand how they might have made that mistake.

But, as the weeks have gone by, Jody has noticed a number of other people using the outhouse during the day as well. During that time she has seen the mailman, garbageman, and other workmen in the neighborhood visiting our little blue box.

And it not like this box is on a main thorough fair. They actually have to go out of their way and drive up our cul-de-sac, to get to the box. At first I was feeling a little violated.

So I put myself in their shoes for a moment and thought about working out in the field all day as they do. It would be pretty uncomfortable when you have to go and you’ve got no place to go. And seeing one of these little blue boxes would be like finding an oasis in the desert.

They probably keep a mental note of every one of these they see in their daily rounds. Creating a mental map, just in case.

Hey, I think there’s an opportunity for a new smartphone app here. It could be called “Workman’s Best Friend”. 🙂

Cheers – DJD

Rain since last posting: 0.0 in. 2012 year to date: 37.75 in.

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