What Am I?

Happy Easter!

With a busy week and Easter Sunday spent with family, I’m not spending a lot of time this week writing anything on this blog. But I have to post something and report the rain for the week.

So I have a challenge for my faithful readers. Can you identify the subject of this week’s photo? If you have a guess, just post it in a comment and I’ll let you know what it is next week.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 1.0 in. 2012 year to date: 26.25 in.

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3 Comments on “What Am I?”

  1. cdoor84 Says:

    Based on the reflection, I think it’s the glass thingy that houses the plant on the coffee table. So, thingy. Final answer. Also looks like you were watching some final four while taking the picture. And I’d guess based on the angle that you are about 5’10” and male.

  2. Jody Says:

    Thingy is also called the lid on the terrarium on the coffee table. So which game was on the TV?

  3. djd Says:

    Check the date on the picture and then consider what was on the TV again.

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