Great Weather for Ducks

The past two weeks we have seen some real March weather, very unsettled. We’ve had rain (almost 5 inches last week alone), snow, sleet, cold and a couple of really nice 60+ Spring-like days. On one of those nice days I decided to go out at lunch time with my camera to see if I could find any evidence of Spring.

I ended up at a suburban park which is part of the Fano Creek Regional Trail system near my office.

At first, all I could find were dried bits of autumn foliage that had somehow survived the winter wind and rain. Everything was still quite brown. The buds are just now starting to form. I could hear some birds in the trees but I couldn’t find any good picture ops.

Then, as I kept walking through the park, I noticed a Mallard pair resting down an embankment from the path, next to the flowing creek. I was quite a distance from them at that point and I could tell they saw me. Since I didn’t know if they would leave as I got closer, I took a few shots before I moved on.

I got as close as I could to them while staying on the path and they just kept sunning themselves. They really weren’t too concerned about me. But if you zoom in on this picture and look really closely, you can see that they both have their eyes cracked open just enough to keep track of me.

They were probably thinking “This is great weather and if that guy wasn’t standing there, this would be a perfect day for ducks.”

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 4.75 in. 2012 year to date: 18.75 in.
3 inches by Wednesday night,
1 more inch by Thursday night,
.75 more inches by Sunday.

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One Comment on “Great Weather for Ducks”

  1. What a wonderful set of photos. The ducks look very content.

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