Up-Close and Personal

This handsome guy is Trooper. And this particular view of him is one very familiar to me.

Trooper is a great lap-cat. If fact, I would call him world-class (and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would disagree with me on this). If he could, he’d spend most of his day just sitting on someone’s lap. It’s nice when you’re cold, but it can make it very hard to answer your emails or finish your blog posting when you’ve got a strong cat pushing to get onto your lap.

Another thing Trooper likes to do is climb on top of me and sit on my chest staring into my face as I lie in bed at night trying to read or play Words-with-Friends. Needless to say, this makes it very hard to read, but also presents a great opportunity for a portrait.

So how to you take a good picture when there’s no way to use your DSLR in such a close quarters?…

iPhone to the rescue!

Using an app named Camera+ and a little HDR processing, I was able to capture this up-close and personal portrait of my buddy, Trooper.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 0.75 in. 2012 year to date: 9.25 in.

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