One Sunny Day out of Seven

You will see at the very bottom of this post that we just had a very wet week. But I’m not going to talk about rain, because we had one sunny day.

I recently got a new macro lens for my camera, so a sunny day meant a chance to get outside and play with it a bit. A macro lens allows you to focus very closely on your subject and thus makes a small object look much larger than it is.

So I was looking for little things to photograph. But even though it was sunny, it’s still January in our back yard and most things are either hibernating or dead. So that’s what I shot.

Following are a couple examples of the pictures I can take with this new lens (expect more and better to come).

The first picture is what’s left of a clematis flower in January. I really love the feathery look of the last remaining seed.

The second picture is a close-up of a butterfly garden ornament. I think it kind of looks like a garden gazing glob. If you’re curious you can see what the whole ornament looks like here.

I’m looking forward to capturing a whole new dimension of the beauty hiding in plain sight in our back yard.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 5.5 in. 2012 to date: 6.5 in.

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