Lights Between the Rain Drops

The big story this week, besides Thanksgiving of course, was the rainstorm that washed though the area. By Tuesday night I had to empty my rain gauges to keep them from overflowing because we had already gotten 3.75 inches of rain. By Saturday morning we had accumulated another 1.5 making a grand total of 5.25 inches of rain for the week.

But despite all the rain this week we actually had a dry, sunny day on Friday. So, with Chris’s help, I took advantage of the good weather and put up our outdoor Christmas lights. (you’ve got to take what the defense gives you)

Because Thanksgiving is early this year, we probably won’t be turning our lights on for real for another week. But I did have to test them. So here is proof that they’re all burning bright, ready for another Christmas season.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 5.25 in. Year To Date: 59.0 in

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