Spring is In The Air

– Outnumbered! –

The calendar says it’s Spring but you’d never know it by weather. It is unseasonably cold and wet here.

But there are lots of other signs in our back yard that tell me it’s really Spring. There are green buds poking out of just about every plant in the yard and the grass is starting to grow again. In fact I had to mow the lawn last week during the first “sunny” day we’ve had in over a month. But the ground was so wet, it was all I could do to keep my feet (and the law mower) from sinking in.

Yes, there are lots of signs of Spring around and one of the most unmistakable sign is that the birds are all getting stupid crazy. I think you know what I mean.

The other day Jody and I were sitting in the family room talking when suddenly three birds swooped past the window. They did a quick turn around, came flying back, did some aerial acrobatics followed by two of them smacking into the windows. Then all three took off again.

It seems like a dangerous way find to find a mate but it sure brings clarity to the old saying “Spring is in the air”.

Cheers – DJD

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Rain for the week: 4.25 in. Year To Date: 36.5 in.

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