Garlic Jim’s “Secret”

What do you suppose this guy does when he’s not delivering pizza? Any guesses?

I’d say it’s pretty clear he wants the world to know he’s a climber (or “climer” if you’re limited to only 6 letters). Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. This person wears his passion on his car and it’s no secret where he would rather be right now.

Not me. I’m the type of person that recoils at the thought of putting a bumper stick on my car. I like to stay as anonymous and invisible as I can in my car, drawing as little attention in traffic as possible. But unless you have black tinted windows, the illusion of invisibility in your car is just that, an illusion.

It’s clear, when I observe some of the crazy things people do in their cars, lots of them think they’re invisible, too. I’ve seen the guy rocking away, singing and bouncing to some music on the stereo. I’ve also seen the lady putting on her makeup and the guy shaving while driving. I’ve even heard about people seeing someone changing cloths in the car.

So just remember the next time you’re in traffic that people can see you. And don’t do anything in your car you wouldn’t want showing up on the internet someday. You never know who might have a camera handy.

Cheers – DJD

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