No Feeder Photos Today

One of the my secrets for getting great bird closeups is the fact that I get the birds to come to me. Well, actually they come to the feeders on the deck in our back yard and I get to shoot them through the family room windows.

But this is Spring in Oregon and that often means rain. Today it meant a big storm coming through. As you can see, the wind was blowing the rain sideways, beating hard against the windows. No feeder photos today.

But to take a page from the NCAA March Madness Coach’s Playbook, I decided to take what the defense gave me.

Cheers – DJD

PS: Don’t forget to cast your vote in my Photo Preference Poll. If you don’t see the poll to the right, you’ll have to visit my home page and it will be in the right hand column.

Rain for the week: 3.25 in. Year To Date: 24.25 in.

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