Spring… Snow… What!

You know what this Goldfinch is thinking? He’s most likely thinking “We’re looking for Spring. What’s the deal with this snow?”

Just as it started to look like Spring in our back yard, we get this cold snap. And to make matters even more interesting, we also get some snow!.

Now if you were listening to the News Reporters they would have had you believe we were in for “Snowmaggedon”. But all we got this time was one morning of snow, which was beautiful while it lasted and gone by the afternoon. So if you didn’t get out first thing and take some pictures you missed it.

I have to admit I really do like the clean look of the snow. But I am also looking forward, with great anticipation, to the warmth of Spring.

Cheers – DJD
(Note: There is some disagreement in this household over the proper identification of the bird in this picture. It could very well be a Lesser Goldfinch instead.)

Rain for the week: 0.5 in. Year To Date: 14.5 in.

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One Comment on “Spring… Snow… What!”

  1. Jody Says:

    Smart man! Don’t want to ruffle any feathers!

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