Caught in the Act

Here is our neighbor’s cat, Silvie, caught in the act of stalking birds from beneath a bush in our back yard. If she had her way she would visit our yard and our deck quite often.

She’s actually a pretty nice cat (most of the time) and she tries to convince us that she doesn’t have any intention of going after the birds by sitting down and tucking her legs under underneath her in a very relaxed looking pose. But even though she is getting older, she’s still fast enough. And we’ve seen her grab a bird or two. So we have to be diligent and escort her out of the back yard whenever we see her.

She is welcome to visit us in the front yard, but our back yard is reserved for the birds.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 2.25 in. Year to date: 53.5 in.

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