Boats, Whales, Rocks, Fox and the Big Red X

We has a great vacation in the San Juan Islands last week. Friday Harbor is not exactly in our back yard but it’s a whole lot closer than say Hawaii or the Bahamas. Following is just a taste of what we experienced during a very wonderful and relaxing week…

Oh, and what about the Big Red X?

As we approached Seattle from the south, on our way to catch the ferry to Friday Harbor, my car’s trusty navigation system alerted us to a traffic slowdown ahead. Well duh, there is always a traffic slowdown going through Seattle so no big deal, right? But then the warnings started getting more serious and the estimated delay keep getting longer.

Suddenly a Big Red X appeared on my navigation map right in the middle of Seattle! I’d never seen a Big Red X on my nav screen before so this must be something really special. All the nav system would tell us was “all lanes on I-5 are shut down.”

So Jody whipped out her smart phone, Googled the situation and found out that the President was visiting Seattle that morning. Obama was the Big Red X!

Armed with this knowledge we took the detour advice of my nav system getting off I-5 and on I-405 just in time to avoid Big Red X, the mess he caused and make it to our ferry with time to spare.

May the nav system be with you.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 0.0 in. Year to date: 50.0 in.

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