Dark Morning

(Caution: This posting may be a little graphic for some readers)

This was a dark morning for me. But it all started last week when I discovered that we had a new mole making mounds in our back yard.

I was a little irritated but not overly concerned because I have a tried-and-true method I’ve been using for years to get rid of moles. I just locate one of the main tunnels running near the new mound, dig out a section of lawn exposing the tunnel, install my handy-dandy mole trap, cover it all with a bucket and wait. So that is was I did.

Later in the evening while watching TV, we heard a strange short high-pitched squeal come from somewhere outside. We stopped, muted the TV and listened thinking maybe there was a cat fight or some other action going on in the neighborhood. (I must admit the thought had crossed my mind that it might be the mole) We didn’t hear anything else unusual outside so we went on with the evening as usual.

In the morning, after having breakfast and doing a few other chores, I decided to check my mole trap. When I removed the bucket I could tell the trap had been tripped. And as I pulled the trap out of the ground I could see that I had caught a large mole. But to my horror, it was wiggling its feet and slightly moving its jaw.

Now what? Like that line in the movie Princess Bride, the mole was only mostly dead but not completely dead. This had never happened to me before. I’m used to pulling dead moles out with my traps.

So I went to my kind-hearted wife and told her the situation. She, of course, offered the only reasonable solution “slit it’s throat”. And that is what I did. I had to finish the job and put the poor mole out of his misery but it still left me feeling pretty dark inside for a good part of the day.

So that’s why you get a black picture this morning.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 0.0 in. Year to date: 50.0 in.

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