Brandy and D’rose

(note from the author: this posting would have made more sense if it had been posted on July 18th as I had originally planned)

Several weeks ago I told you about a rose name Love & Peace. Well today I’m going to finish the story.

Here is a picture of Brandy. She is a beautiful and very fragrant rose who resides lovingly with Love & Peace in our back yard. But it wasn’t always so…

Many years ago Love & Peace (AKA D’rose) and Brandy knew each other. In fact they actually dated in high school. But they ended up going separate ways, getting married, having families and living their lives.

Sadly, as happens all too often these days, both Brandy and D’rose were abandoned by their respective spouses and they both lived alone for many years. But now, finally, they have been brought back together again. This time exchanging vows and planning to spend the rest of their lives committed to each other.

So let’s all wish Brandy and D’rose many happy years together and pray all their dreams come true.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 0.0 in. Year to date: 50.0 in.

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