We Can All Use a Little More Love & Peace

We have a couple of rose bushes in our back yard. This one is named “Love & Peace”.

I’ve often wondered how people come up with names for roses. When you visit the Portland International Test Rose Garden you’ll see all kinds of roses with all sorts of names. Sometimes the name seem to make sense by conjuring up an association with either its color or its scent. Sometimes the name is just a tribute to a person (usually a dead celebrity).

But here is a name that’s different. What color is Love? What does Peace smell like? Beats me, but I expect a lot from a rose named “Love & Peace”. The people who named it certainly must have had some pretty lofty goals.

Come to find out, “Love & Peace” is really just the love child of a rose name Peace and some unknown seedling (look it up here).

No matter. Love & Peace “by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 0.0 in. Year to date: 49.75 in.

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