After the Rain

According to the forecasts, Saturday was suppose to be a warm and sunny day. So we planned to do some spring planting in our back yard. After a fruitful trip to Al’s Garden Center and Starbucks, we came home and started planting (Actually Jody was planting and I was digging, but I digress).

Gradually the sky darkened and the wind picked up a little. It was not the sunny day we were promised. When the rain finally started coming down, Jody and I rendezvoused on the front steps and patiently waited for the rain to end.

Then suddenly we heard a loud clap of thunder and sky’s opened up. The rain was coming down so hard it was bouncing off the pavement. I thought to myself “this would make a great photo.” I ran into the house to get my camera. But by the time I got back the cloud burst was over.

So there I was with camera in hand when I noticed our trusty guard frog, as always, keeping our garden safe. That’s why I had to take his photo to commemorate his selfless service, rain or shine.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 1.0 in. Year to date: 33.75 in.

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