Spring at the Beach

Not exactly in our back yard, but close…

You always take your chances when you make reservations on the Oregon coast during the month of March. We took a short getaway trip this weekend to celebrate Jody’s Birthday and were blessed with two beautiful days at the beach.

The sun was warm and the wind was crisp and cold. There were lots of happy people around because it was Spring Break. We left early Saturday afternoon and it was a good thing. As we left the cloud were just starting to come in. While we were driving home there was a steady string of cars heading for the coast and we saw at least three speed traps and several cars pulled over by the saturation patrols on Highway 26.

So I guess you could say we beat the clouds, the crowds, and the county mounties!

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 1.25 in. Year to date: 26.25 in.

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