The Survivor

I received this EcoSphere as a Christmas gift in 1995. When the sphere arrived it contained several small shrimp and a couple of little snails. The replacement warranty that came with this EcoSphere was only for 3 months. So I really wondered how long these critters would last.

The snails were the first to go. I guess there just wasn’t enough nutrients being produced to keep them alive. All that was left was their little shells resting on the bottom as a reminder they were once part of the family.

Gradually all but two of the shrimp died. For a long time, Frank and Jesse frolicked together with their little world all to themselves. But then one day I noticed Frank was all by himself, the Lone Survivor. And that’s the way it is to this day.

So I guess you can say we got our money’s worth. 14 years and counting. But I still wonder from time to time if Frank might be a little lonely.

Cheers – DJD

Rain for the week: 1.25 in. Year to date: 18.00 in.

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