Why I used to do my own auto repair.

Today was not a good day car wise. I took my 22 year old BMW into the shop for a tune-up (Engine Service 2) and to have the thermistat replaced. They came back with a list of “issues” that should be fixed and the total cost would be more than my car is worth. Plus, they didn’t even fix the thermostat because they didn’t have the part. (didn’t I tell them that I needed that done when I made the appointment!) And to top it off, my car seem to run rougher now than it did before they did the “tune up”!

Now I remember why I used to do most of my own auto repair work. It’s not just because it is a whole lot cheaper. Time is money and it seams like I have less and less time these days. But nobody else seems to take care or pay attention to details like they should. That’s what just drives me crazy.

So now, $600 later, I have a to-do list for my car. I’ll probably let most of them go since I just need to keep my car running for another year (or two, or three, or …) before I get to replace it with a newer car.

But there are a few things that I do need to take care of (like the thermostat for instance). But this time I will either do the work myself or find a cheaper alternative than a dealership. Either way I’m sure I’ll be less frustrated.

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